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A Summer In Review

August has ended and September has begun! If only seasons were automatic, and it was now a little bit chillier, a little bit darker, a little bit more Autumn. Hopefully, even in Texas, we will get a true change of season soon. I wanted to say that the summer specifically has been busy, but really… Continue reading A Summer In Review

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Arts & Crafts & Magic

Hello again! Last weekend was the amazing Harry Potter experience known as Leakycon. It is a 3 day weekend filled with house meet-ups, actor panels, fan-created programming (discussions, crafting, etc.), and of course - cosplay! My friends and I decided to do a group cosplay as Disney characters sorted into Hogwarts houses. In order to… Continue reading Arts & Crafts & Magic

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Chasing the Wagon

It is so easy to let things slide! At first, life throws little things in the way. "Hey, your weekend is really busy, maybe you should skip zumba to have some "me time" - you know you'll need it!", "you didn't sleep well last night, should you really work out this morning? Probably better to sleep in, work will be rough otherwise!", "Chick-fil-a is chicken, and chicken is healthy, so eating it for lunch everyday is fine - right?"